Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interview with Dollar Commentary

Jumping in Pools is proud to present interview number 115 in our ongoing interview series. Today we are interviewing the editor of the site Dollar Commentary. DC is home to pieces on personal finance, the economy, and politics. Be sure to check out the site, bookmark them, and check out their Facebook profile!

1. When and why did you start Dollar Commentary?

Dollar Commentary was started on the 20th of November, 2009. It was molded for several months until life circumstances caused me to focus my time elsewhere, but now it’s once again one of my top priorities. I started Dollar Commentary as a way to express and share the knowledge I’ve obtained in a variety of areas, including finance, debt, and other, more subjective topics, such as politics and some amateur philosophy.

2. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected?

I have to admit, during Obama’s presidential campaign, I got a little swept up in all the “hope and change.” Of course, that was really when I started becoming interested and learning about politics, and now it’s abundantly clear to me that Obama’s presidency up to this point has essentially been an all-out failure, unless you’re a liberal. Specifically on his economic policy, every action he has taken has only led us further off the track that this great nation should have stayed on all along.

3. Do you believe that the economy is heading towards a double-dip recession?

Now, I’m no expert on macroeconomics, but I really do feel that there will be a double-dip recession. I believe that because sooner or later, the money that was propping up the economy provided by the stimulus will run out, due to mismanagement, legal stipulations, and the natural ebb and flow of the economy. Unless another stimulus is passed, there WILL be a double-dip recession. However, I do not say that in defense of another stimulus bill. I believe that all another stimulus will do is, just like the first one did, make the economy appear as if it’s in a better position, until the money once again runs out and we’re in the same predicament we’re in now. I propose we do something that I haven’t heard much talk about; let the economy naturally correct itself. Oh no, it won’t be fun, people will lose jobs, businesses will close, some will be living on the streets, but once it finally starts to turn around, it will be a stronger, natural, true economy that has actual legs to stand on, not the temporary, fake stimulus legs it’s standing on now. The longer we try to delay economic discomfort the worse it will be in the end.

4. Is there a business in our economy that is "too big to fail?"

There is no business in this country too big to fail. Period. There are businesses that, if they fail, will have a tremendous impact on our economy and culture, but there is an upside to businesses failing that few think about; the opportunity for others to move in and fill the space left. Competition in whatever the industry is will increase, which leads to more innovation and a new, different way of doing things. That aside, at the end of the day someone is responsible for why a company needs a bail-out in the first place, and in my mind they deserve to be rewarded for being irresponsible no more than any regular citizen of this country should be rewarded for their own irresponsibility.

5. Why should readers bookmark DC?

Readers should bookmark Dollar Commentary because, aside from fulfilling any and every unfulfilled desire for intelligent, thought-provoking, witty, and downright awesome content, Dollar Commentary can also offer readers inspiration, motivation, and a renewed sense of dedication to whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish in life, be it a financial goal or anything else. How can Dollar Commentary do this, you ask? Because I believe that there are certain principles of success that apply to any goal and situation, and Dollar Commentary shares those principles with its readers through many of its posts.

6. Anything else you would like to add?

The amount and quality of content at Dollar Commentary has, and will continue, to improve due to contributions from some excellent, knowledgeable writers. Also, Dollar Commentary is
now right up there on my priority list, as I have much more time to devote to it than I did in the past. Readers will simply have to keep checking back to see that amount and the quality of the content grow.

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