Saturday, September 4, 2010

Castle vs. O'Donnell - It's about GOP control.

What do you know about Delaware? Probably not much. It was originally settled by the Dutch, then the Swedish, and it was eventually forced into submission by the English, who in turn sold it to William Penn. It would later become the first State to support the United States Constitution, and later on was only one of a handful of slave states to remain in the Union.

Quite interesting, eh? I bet most Americans didn't know that much about Delaware, which is why it's so interesting that nearly every Conservative blog, website, and radio show is following the race of the day: Delaware's GOP Senatorial Primary between Michael Castle and Christine O'Donnell.

Michael Castle is the Republican Liberal in Congress, while Christine O'Donnell is the two-time failed Conservative Republican in Delaware. It pains me to write that, but what's true is what's true. Conservatives cannot select either candidate based on their votes or positions, but on which candidate can win in November and help Republicans regain control of the US Senate next January.

Michael Castle has won statewide elected office ten times without problem, and he's a sure vote for Senator Mitch McConnell to be the Senate Majority Leader in 2011. Christine O'Donnell has lost in Delaware twice before, once as a write-in candidate after she lost the Republican Nomination to face-off against Tom Carper in 2006, and again to Joe Biden in 2008 by 29 points as the Republican Nominee.

Republicans have a chance to regain control of the US Senate, and in order to do that we need Michael Castle to be our Nominee in Delaware...He's the only Republican that can defeat Democrat Chris Coons in November of this year or next year. That's a shame, but no other Republican (Conservative or Liberal) has won statewide office in Delaware, besides for Michael Castle since the early 1990's (excluding the State Auditor, Tom Wagner).

Tell me, who should we support: Castle or O'Donnell?

The answer is simple: Michael Castle for United States Senate.

Castle has won statewide office 13 times, 10 as Congressman.


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