Friday, September 10, 2010

GOP Up In Michigan Governor's Race

The Republican candidate for Governor in Michigan has opened a twenty point lead over his Democratic challenger. The GOP has not won the Governorship in Michigan in decades and during that time the Democratic Party has effectively run that state into the ground economically. Perhaps this can be the moment that the state actually turns around.

Snyder (R): 56%
Bernero (D): 36%
Other/und:  8%

This is just another example of the GOP base becoming riled and the independent voters siding with them. It appears that there will be three debates and the fact that there are so few undecided voters relative to the gap between the candidates that Bernero is probably going to lose.
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Reaganite Independent said...

What have they got to lose but dumping the corrupt, smug, and incompetent Dems and their one-party-rule regime that destroyed Michigan over the last 50 yrs?

If you're ever going to put your economy back on the tracks, vote GOP Michigan... better late than never

Why wouldn't you... seriously

Editor said...

If Hoekstra won the GOP Nomination against Snyder, Michigan would've had two consecutive foreign born Governor's.