Monday, September 6, 2010

Portman, Kasich Extend Lead in Ohio

Former Bush Administration Rob Portman has extended his lead over Democratic candidate Lee Fisher in the race to replace retiring Senator George Voinovich. This is particularly bad news as the incumbent governor of the state Ted Strickland is trailing former Congressman John Kasich by more than double-digits. Fisher is the current Lt. Governor of the state and if they are both defeated it will represent the defeat of both members of the Ohio executive branch.

Ohio Governor
Kasich (R): 49%
Strickland * (D): 37%
Other/und: 14%
* Denotes incumbent

Ohio Senator:

Portman (R): 50%
Fisher (D): 37%
Other/und: 13%

Even if the undecided voters had a massive shift towards the Democrats between today and the election day they would still lose. Strickland is being blamed for the downturn in the Ohio economy and Lt. Governor Fisher appears to be hammered by it as well.

A nice quote from the original article:

The party label is key to respondent David Murray, 54, a telecommunication technician and union member from Dayton, who is voting a straight Republican ticket.

"Regretfully, this current crop of Democrats has repeatedly proven themselves, almost without exception, untrustworthy of the power associated with their offices," he said.

In other poll news, former Senator Mike Dewine appears poised to regain some political footing as he is leading in the race for Attorney General, but only by two. Dewine was picked off in the 2006 wave election.

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