Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Montana teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot

HELENA, Mont. – General rule of thumb: when looking to buy marijuana, don't text the sheriff. Authorities said a Helena teen hit a wrong number and inadvertently sent a message to Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, saying "Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?"
A detective pretending to be the dealer organized a meeting at a time when the boy knew he and another teen would be at a particular store.
The detective spotted two teenage boys and one of the boy's fathers — who was unaware of what was going on — at the store. He called the phone number three times to make sure he had the right person. Dutton said when the detective showed the teens his badge, one of the boys fainted.
No citations were issued after the parents of the boys, who were 15 and 16, got involved.

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1 comment:

E_D_Casabonne said...

This is why the poice catch people: Some pot smokers are just too stupid to not get caught. While I think that marijuana laws are entirely to strict and would like to see it legalized, I know that there would be less awesome stories of idiots like this guy to read.