Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The truth about Iraq and President Bush.

Here's a rough timeline of the War in Iraq:

10/10/02 - The US Congress authorizes War in Iraq.
03/17/03 - Pres. Bush gives Saddam Hussein 2 days.
03/20/03 - War in Iraq is launched by United States.
04/09/03 - Baghdad falls to Allied troops, Iraqis celebrate.
07/13/03 - The Iraqi Governing Council is established.
12/13/03 - Saddam Hussein is captured by US Troops.
03/08/04 - Signature of Iraq's provisional Constitution.
04/18/04 - Abu Ghraib prison/detainee scandal erupts.
07/01/04 - Saddam Hussein appears at first hearing.
01/30/05 - Iraqi legislative election held: Shias control.
10/15/05 - Iraqi people support Constitution by 78.6%.
02/22/06 - The al-Askari Mosque bombing by Sunni's.
06/07/06 - Scum: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is obliterated.
11/07/06 - Republicans lose control of House and Senate.
12/30/06 - Former dictator Saddam Hussein is executed.
01/10/07 - Surge of 20,000 US soldiers is announced.
09/10/07 - Gen. Petraeus Report reveals Surge progress.
2008 - Violence, deaths, and War draw down in Iraq.
2009 - Great Britain leaves Iraq and the Nation stabilizes.
2010 - Iraqi parliamentary election and political infighting.

Through it all President Bush was the man who supported the Iraqi War, supported the Troops, and never reconsidered his support, even when his own fellow Republicans asked him to, for the sake of political power. And through it all Senator Obama was the man who opposed the War, opposed the Troops, and opposed Victory.

No more thoughts are needed.


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Harrison said...

Yes. If Cut and Run had been prez it would have been awful.