Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hoffman better abide by next week's decision.

Doug Hoffman's loss in November ate at the heart of Conservative activists across the Nation. It was the low-water mark in a off year election that saw Conservatism overrun two Obama backed candidacies with relative ease, Republicans win countless local elections across the Nation (especially the North East), and a strong pro-marriage victory in liberal Maine.

But that Hoffman loss still stings. What started out as an insurgent/revolt campaign against a Republican who seemed to support few Conservative ideals, turned into the "race of the year" for new and old media types, as the election shifted from Democrat Bill Owens vs. Republican Dede Scozzafava, to Democrat Bill Owens vs. Conservative Doug Hoffman.

Hoffman would end up losing by 3,500 votes, due largely to Scozzafava's name remaining on the ballot when she withdrew her candidacy the week of the vote, and her last-minute cut-throat endorsement of Bill Owens, the Democratic candidate who eventually became what we all expected him to be all along: A solid pro-Pelosi/Obama vote in Congress.

Why I am bringing this up again?

Because the Republican Nominee in New York's 23rd congressional district will be selected next Tuesday. And some individuals are concerned that if Doug Hoffman doesn't win the nomination, that he will once again run for Congress on the Conservative Party line, assuring a Bill Owens victory on election day. Something no-one wants.

If Doug Hoffman wins on Tuesday, he wins the Nomination. But if Matt Doheny (a Conservative portfolio manager) is the victor on Tuesday, he wins the Nomination. My hope is that Hoffman wins, but if he doesn't - I will not be able to support him. There is a time when men (and women) place themselves above others, for the wrong reason. And if Hoffman runs again on the Conservative Party line against the Republican Nominee, it would be for the wrong reason.

New York's 23rd congressional district - Defeat Owens, Support the Republican.


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1 comment:

Lonely Conservative said...

I agree completely. I'm not a huge fan of Doheny, but he's no Scozzafava. I've pretty much stayed out of the primary in NY23. If Hoffman loses, I'm with you, no support here.