Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why Didn't Obama Punch Rev. Wright in the Face?

Leave me a comment on this, please? I think that it's a great point-- and if it makes sense, email it out, please.

Okay-- imagine that the week after the worst terrorist attack in world history, in which almost 3,000 of your countrymen were murdered you were in church and the pastor began telling the parishioners that the United States brought it on itself. That we deserved it. That America deserved to be damned by God.

Imagine he's saying this, complete with foul language, in front of your young children. He's saying that your country deserved the vicious assault and that your countrymen just got in the way.

Wouldn't you punch that pompous asshole in the face?

I'm not being sarcastic here. If you were in church and you heard that from the pulpit, wouldn't you calmly get up, roll up your sleeves and punch him over the altar?

Or at least walk out?

Why didn't then-State Senator Barack Obama do this to Reverend Jeremiah Wright? He would have been hailed as a hero and had the self-satisfaction of sticking up for the murdered. Why didn't he at least gather up his family, give the preacher the finger and walk out, never to return again?

Or at least demand an apology?

Yet Obama did none of that. Instead, he mumbled some comments to the news about how we had to understand the al Qaeda terrorists and how poverty was partly to blame.

So once again, and I'm asking you the reader to answer and get your friends and family to answer:

Should Obama have punched Wright in the face?

Originally posted September 11, 2009

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Editor said...

Kicked him down a flight of metal stairs.

Fenway_Nation said...

Wel....Wright DID get thrown under a bus eventually.

Editor said...

Wright is a flaming piece of bastardly shit.

Aurelius said...

Rev. Wright was and always will be an asshole

Anonymous said...

Wright is an asshole, but then again so is Obama. Both of them lie to everyone. Obama lied to everyone, and he's lying to the same people who sat in the pews with him at Wright's church, just as Wright lied to them. Wright discouraged poor black people from working hard to provide better lives for their children, he inferred that to do so, was selling out. Yet the same Wright obtained a loan, which the church was saddled with, to build him a million dollar mansion in an exclusive gated community, with 9 million dollars he has squirreled away to feather his nest. Not for Wright the pain and misery he's imposed on the poor in his former community and Obama's done the same to us. I'll wager that billions of what he's borrowed on our backs, is squirreled away in some foreign bank in gold in his name. They're both vile, loathsome, disgusting creatures.