Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interview With Phil Hendrie

 Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 113th interview in our ongoing series. Today we are interviewing the legendary radio host Phil Hendrie. Phil is a favorite for my brother and I and we are thrilled to be able to bring the questions to you our readers. Check out his website and make sure to listen at 10pm-1am Pacific Time on his many affiliates. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. A special thanks to him for taking part in the interview.

1. What is the hardest part about running your show format? Have you ever had a caller realize it was a joke mid-call? 

The tough part is provoking callers and at the same time entertaining the audience. Those are two different groups of people. As far as callers realizing it's a joke mid-way through, they've suddenly realized the premise was pretty nuts.

2. Your first character was Raj Fahneen. Did you plan to use his voice that night or was it spur of the moment?

I planned on using that character for that days show.

3. You would speak about Christopher Hitchens-- we are also readers of his. What do you believe his impact on the last ten years have been and why do his words have such an impact on you? 

I don't know what his impact will be because I don't know how widely read he is. He's an honest man. That is practically an extinct species. He's got guts. That's almost gone as well. For me its a lesson that standing up for what you think is right and being commercially successful have nothing to do with each other.

4. Has there ever been a character that you did not like to perform as? 


5. What was the inspiration for Bud Dickman? 

The voice originated as just a dumb guy, many of whom I knew and know. The character emerged from a trip to Ojai and seeing a rather dangerous tree sticking out into the middle of 33 and thinking of Bud running a motorcycle into it. His biker persona came from the numbers of bikers I saw in Ventura at that time.

6. Have you thought about doing more skits? Are they more difficult or tedious to plan than "guests?" 

I don't know what you mean by "skit." We do some stand-alone stuff, we do one-offs..It depends on what inspires me at the moment. I devote time in prep to what lends itself to my kind of humor and then I think of the best way to present it.

7. Who is your favorite character to perform? 

I don't have favorite.

8. Have you come to a determination yet to who was the better President: Clinton, Bush, or Obama? 

I don't really give a fuck anymore. The political discussion in this country is rank with racism and dishonesty.

9. Did you lose any friendships for endorsing Bush in 2004? Did anyone talk down to you for that? 

Yes and yes

10. In 2004 you murdered Frodo the puppet in a fit of rage. Has your hand healed, did Bud report it, and have they found the body?

Yes and they found Frodo buried in a landfill in Mississippi.

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Bud D. said...

You're a murderer!

Ron P. said...

I am glad Phil put such energy and charisma into his one word answers! What a fucking asshole. Phil is irrelevant.

mydoglily said...

persind"Yes Rob, what do you think of the Phil Hendrie interview??


Anonymous said...

what a dick he is. one word, boring. much of what you see you can get from his wikipedia page.

Anonymous said...

Phil used to be the biggest talent in radio. Until he became the biggest dick in radio. The man has a well earned reputation of being the biggest asshole around. He alienated most of his listeners and he now runs a barely listened to show on a handful of low power radio stations in small markets. It didn't have to be this way Phil, you could have embraced your fans, rather than pushing them away. HAS BEEN

Anonymous said...

Those weren't awful questions, just awful answers. I've spent more time with telemarketers.

Anonymous said...

Long live SWJ!

Please visit us at

Funnier than Phil even if no one is posting.