Friday, November 7, 2008

Lieberman Out?

As we all know, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman endorsed and campaigned hard for John McCain. The 2000 Democratic nominee is one of the biggest backers of the war and has stood for defense issues. This even cost him his party's nomination in 2006, but Joe came back swinging and won reelection.

However, now that Joe's done the "unthinkable" and made a bipartisan endorsement, will the Dems kick him out of their Senate caucus? They needed him the last two years because they had a slim 51-49 lead. Now with at least 56 Senators for the 111th Congress.... is Joe out?


life experience degree said...

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Michael A. said...

Will do

Anonymous said...

Too bad, Joe should have been McCain runnign mate!
David A.