Thursday, November 6, 2008

The (Positive) Accomplishments of George W. Bush-- Part 1

Seeing our 43rd President's term about to expire, we need to take a look at some of the things that he accomplished that will benefit the world (especially the United States) in the years to come.

So this is post number one:
Strengthening of Our Alliances

Much, far too much, has been made about President Bush straining or destroying our alliances. However, if one actually looks at what has happened, you can tell that the opposite has happened.

First, one of the main considerations is that Bush strained relations with Germany and France. True, for a while, the more anti-American leaders of those nations took a firm stand to support Saddam Hussein in 2002-2003. However, since then, pro-American leaders have been elected in both of those nations and France is even upping their military spending.

Next, Bush has built relations with Latin America, even during the rise of Chavez. Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and El Salvador all sent troops to Iraq. El Salvador still has troops there. The biggest accomplishments for Bush in the region deal with Colombia and Brazil. Bush opened up a deal to import Brazilian ethanol, which can lessen our dependence on oil. Colombia benefited from increasing military and financial aid and is leading to the death of FARC. In fact, Colombia is sending 100 troops to Afghanistan next year.

Bush has opened up relations with Central Asia, especially Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In addition, the Bush Administration has chastised repressive dictatorships like Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan (even though the latter has natural gas).

Still, perhaps the most impressive feats have been in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Every nation in Eastern Europe except Serbia and Belarus has supported or sent troops to Iraq. NATO has been expanded, which Obama will not see as a top priority. No one has to look farther to Bush's trip to Albania (which is a Muslim nation) to see what people in Eastern Europe think of us. In Africa, America has stood up for democracy and has built relations with nations like Liberia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Rwanda.

In Georgia, we have fostered a deep friendship with a greatly challenged yet greatly decent democracy. In the Middle East, Iraqi Kurdistan will be our ally for the next 100 years and America's relations with nations like Jordan, Israel, and Kuwait have been improved.

So, thanks, President Bush. You've done a good job in this respect.

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