Monday, April 27, 2009

Close the southern border NOW!

Most Americans, no matter what the political affiliation, are for a strong southern border - or should I say, building a wall, stopping illegal immigration, and deporting 12+ million illegals back to where they came from. Its not being bigoted as some would lead you to believe, its called being Americans, apart of an American nation with borders and laws, and we want both protected and enforced, period.

Conservatives have pleaded for a tough approach when our borders were crossed illegally, we begged after 9/11 (in relations to tougher border security), we yelled for it, for economic reasons, we wrote about it referring to crime issues, we talked about it relating to violating our laws & borders.
We have been met with silence, ignorance has prevailed on this issue, by both President's Bush & Obama.

Now, we want our southern border shut down immediately.

A dangerous virus has sprung up in Mexico, which has shut down the country, anyone coming from there appears to be sick with this deadly virus, which has no cure, health officials are warning about a possible epidemic. Overall, I could care less what the world does, because the world,unlike America, does not share a border with the epi-center if the dreadful swine flu, and we have constant traffic in and out of Mexico.

America needs to lock down the southern border, only allow American citizens back into the Nation, and temporarily close down all travel into Mexico.

While this would only be short term, we need to finish the border wall pronto, we need the military guarding the border - while Mexico is in a civil war, and crime is spilling over, we need thousands of new border agents, and we need tough policy towards illegals ; deport all of them, and prevent further illegal immigration now.

America is a Nation of many principles & beliefs, following the law one of the strongest, protecting our Nations borders - as we are let me emphasize, a Nation with borders & boundaries, is another which must be respected. While we are in good relation with Mexico as a Nation, we need to take a tough stance towards Mexicans illegally entering the United States.

This is an issue of Laws.
This is an issue of respecting Americas borders.
This is an issue of National Defense.
This is an issue of Economics.
This is an issue of Crime.
This is an issue of Health.

This is an American issue, take a stand, stand with the law, Americas borders & those protecting them, National security, our economy, our tax dollars being spent on border sheriffs & law enforcement, our Nations health as a Nation, and as citizens physically.

Also, this is an issue for a two party system, as Democrats want 12+ illegals granted citizenship for two dominant reasons :
12 + million new Democrat votes, 1 party rule.
12 + million new union members, more money for Democrat party & candidates.

Fight hard fellow Americans, we must stand strong against illegal immigration or else - our Nation will be changed for the worse, forever.

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Anonymous said...

The virus is already here in the US. The notion that we can contain its spread by closing our borders is wrong to fact. This isn't the plague. It's the flu.

Editor said...

The virus has come into the United States, from those that have been to Mexico, this virus has killed nearly 100 in Mexico, this has no cure - no way to prevent it, we need to close down the border, perhaps we can prevent more from being invected, plus this goes into my larger point that we need TOUGH border security for a various number of important reasons.

Mr. d said...

I say close the northern border!

innominatus said...

Napolitano will blame it on the Canadians and Obama will go on an intercontinental tour to tell the world that this is just the karma we've earned for decades of arrogance and bullying. P*ss on the both of them.