Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter leaving GOP, a blessing.

During the 1980 Conservative Republican revolution, President Reagan introduced a "big tent" philosophy into the Republican party, however this big tent revolved around a set group of Conservative principles which could not be ignored. These principles included fiscal conservatism, limited government, strong national defense, and family values became the set principles of the Republican party.

In reality, Reagan wanted all that agreed with a set number of principles first, then strayed on other issues later. Over the past 4 years, the party corrupted by 5 terms in power began spending like liberals, expanding government, and even at times voting anti-family values.

We reeled from these missfollowings of Conservative principles, even on border security - national defense we balked on, however our principles are coming back to focus.

Enter Senator Arlen Specter.

Senator Specter claims to be a Reagan Conservative, yet he has voted for tax raises & wasteful spending, he has also favored a larger government, and have anti-family values. Specter has been moving towards the left for years, with party leaders constantly backing him, and every we have back him - he ended up betraying us one way or another.

Specter has done a limited of good things, including being a tough ally on national when it comes to terrorism, and defended Justice Thomas to the bone nearly two decades ago, which helped Thomas be accepted by the Senate.

In the end, Republicans in the Keystone state had enough of Specter, and his liberal economic votes :
TARP - supported.
Auto-bailouts - supported.
Stimulus - supported.
Omnibus - supported.
Budget - not supporting as of now, but you never know.

Specter also was afraid of losing political power, so he switched from the GOP to the blithering idiot's on the left.

This is actually not uncommon, Senator Shelby (who did and still does lean right) switched from the Democrat to Republican party in 1994, and Senator Zell Miller (former Democrat from Georgia, who voted with GOP a very good portion of the time) promised to keep the GOP the majority party if moderates ever bolted.

In summary, the Democrat's will have 60 votes in the Senate, meaning they will have control in all branches of government, except in the Supreme Court, Specter would have supported Democrat agenda regardless of party affiliation - I would rather him do it as a Democrat then a Republican.

The party has strayed from core Conservative principles of fiscal conservatism, strong national defense, limited government, and family values - they have payed dearly with two straight horrific elections.

Perhaps now, we will respect Reagan principles which made us both a great party of Conservatism, which all could relate to, and full of wisdom as our founders had.
This is a blessing, in clear view.

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