Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Things to Do to Avoid Swine Flu

10. Do not make out with a pig.
9. Do not put lipstick on a pig.
8. Do not call Sarah Palin a 'pig with lipstick.'
7. Despite personal leanings, avoid at all costs eating pig feces.
6. Avoid opening an animal farm with pigs named Napoleon and Snowball.
5. Convert to Judaism or Islam.
4. Talk to Old McDonald about his pigs with an oink-oink here AND an oink-oink there.
3. Avoid eating people who died of swine flu.
2. Do not associate with 'capitalist pigs.'
1. Just do whatever the government tells you.

Also, take all the drugs you can find, whether or not they're vaccines.

Disclaimer: Do not do these.

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