Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama so popular? Not really.

Rasmussen polls are the most accurate in nearly every survey I see them release, but today I will be focusing on Gallup.

Gallup reports Obama has a 56% approval rating among Americans, although they attempt to portray him as popular. However, as Judith Kinghoffer displays at History News Network, Obama's approval ratings are actually below average for most of our past Presidents:

Obama - 56%
Bush #43 - 62%
Clinton - 55% (only President that does worse than Obama).
Bush #41 - 58%
Reagan - 67%
Carter - 63%
Ford - no numbers, he was never elected.
Nixon - 61%.

Hmm, interesting? May I also add, that all of these poll results are from past Gallup polls.

Could it be, that the media is covering for Obama at his every call? Yes, I believe that is the case.

History News Network article -

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