Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Five Best Articles of the Last Month

It's that time of the month again, folks, the five biggest articles of the month. Unfortunately, due to problems beyond the control of Jumping in Pools, we may not be able to bring you results from after this last month. Well, I guess enjoy it while it's here!

From March 11 to April 6, the time being measured, we had 33,217 visitors.

The Top Five Articles of the Month:

1. Military to Pledge Oath to Obama
, written by Matt- 4,420 Views, or 13.3% of our views last month

2. Joe's Babe of the Week: Jane Fonda, written by the Avitabile Brothers- 1,011 Views, or 3% of our views last month

3. Fallout 3 Review, written by Michael- 896 Views, or 2.7% of our views last month

4. The Obama Anti-Christ Test, written by that up-and-coming star E_D_Casabonne- 811 Views, or 2.4% of our views last month

5. New Xbox Planned for this Year, written by the Avitabile Brother- 705 Views, or 2.1% of our views last month

Bold= Satire

Some interesting facts of the last month:
Matthew had 15 articles in the top 50.
Michael had 19 in the top 50.
The Avitabile Brothers wrting together had 8 articles in the top 50.
Every one of E_D_Cassabonne's 3 articles were in the top-50 of the month.
Mr. K's top article comes in at 36.
Alezend's top article came in at 61.
And Joe C... well, let's not talk about him.

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Editor said...

Well, I usually write articles on current day events, not satire like Matt and Mike, lol. That Obama story is still getting thousands of clicks, lol.