Monday, April 20, 2009

Lincoln Was a Muslim?

There was a lot made of the idea that Senator Barack Obama was a Muslim during the 2008 campaign. Although the current President is not, it appears that one scholar thinks that another US President was.

That's right, Abraham Lincoln.

According to Faruq Masudi, the 16th President was:

Faruq Masudi said, "According to the Quran, everybody is born a Muslim. It is only by his own free will that a man chooses a different course for himself. In that Abraham Lincoln was not only a born Muslim but he chose to live by Islamic edicts like abolishing organized slavery; establishing equality of all human beings, democracy and accountability to God and Man; core Islamic concepts as propounded in the Holy Quran."

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chaoticsynapticactivity said...

Funny...Muslims made an art form of slavery, and it was even sanctioned by the Big Lincoln was one of them because he freed the slaves...oh, that's rich, but then I actually know some history. The masses, once told, will believe this trash.