Thursday, April 30, 2009

Take action in GOP, push Conservatism from ground-up.

I believe in personal responsibility, that when you see a public office needing a good candidate, you run for that office, when you see a clerk being held at gun/knife point - you take out your pistol, call 911, and hold the criminal to police arrive.

Living in Upstate New York is a blessing, you can hunt, fish, sit outside at night and listen to the crickets, and where it comes to politics - Republicans are in charge, good times on the county level are often, all though politics are still brutal up here - even in all Republican areas.

Even with Obama, Democrats gained less then 200 votes more for Obama then Kerry in the Presidential election, however Republicans demoralized - 500 fewer voted for McCain then Bush, yet McCain still won the county by 2,000 votes.

The Republican party in the state of New York is beginning to crumble apart, the Conservative party is standing stronger at times, and they only way the Republicans will keep New York a two main party state, is to go after the youth & young Republicans. I was approached by the County GOP chairman to head a Young Republicans Club, but communications stopped, and the idea appeared dead as well.

That is, until I took matters into my own hands.

With the help of a fellow Republican (more moderate then myself, hey its New York), and County resident, actually I should say donated effort which I am grateful for, we have launched a Young Republicans Club, set to open meeting in late May. We decided after much debate, to launch with four main Conservative principles :

1. Fiscal Conservatism.
2. Limited government.
3. Strong National defense.
4. Family values.

In summary, I and the co-founder have a lot of work to do, hours to put in, and members to recruit. We both realize our party needs to be stronger, and Conservative (I 100%, him in about 80% of areas) more then it has been. I believe all of us can make a difference, by becoming involved in the Republican party and pushing our Conservative ideals, not by trashing the GOP for lack of enforcement of these ideals, while doing nothing yourself.

From the ground up, a Conservative Republican revolution is brewing.

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