Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bill Clinton Donated $2,400 to McCain Campaign

In what could lead to a political brawl, sources from revealed early Thursday that former President William J. Clinton, donated $2,400, or the legal limit, to John McCain's unsuccessful 2008 bid for the White House.

The donations began in July of that year, after his wife conceded the Democratic nomination to Senator Obama. Many sources cite Clinton's anger and frustration over his wife's loss, especially after she won the popular vote.

"He was pissed," said former advisor Lanny Davis, "No doubt about it. Whether he'd do something like this... I don't know."

The article sites government watchdog sites, like Open Secrets, in the revelation of the campaign donations. While both Clintons were ostensibly campaigning for the Democratic nominee, it appears that both were hoping for him to lose.

On July 12, just before the Senator's much-vaunted trip to Europe, former President Clinton donated $1,200 from what was believed to be an inactive bank account dating from the time that he was Governor of Arkansas.

Three weeks later, two separate donations of $800 and $400 respectively, were given under a pseudonym of Larry Kendall. The address of the pseudonym was traced to the Clintons' summer home in New York. The name raised eyebrows, as this was a Clinton confidant during the Whitewater investigation.

The article on MoveOn probed further:

Whether this jeopordizes Hillary's position as Secretary of State is unknown. However, this does prove that Bill represented the reactionary wing of the party, while Barack was helping the PROGRESSIVE wing. Hillary has to decide whether or not to condemn her husband and break with the past or try and build a better FUTURE!

As of 11:00 am on April 23, the original article was removed. There has been no official comment from the White House.

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Haha, so funny!
But why does Hillary work with Barack Hussein Obams?