Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Things You Didn't Know Obama Did in His First 100 Days

10. Challenged Kim Jong-Il to "fisticuffs."
9. Learned where the Middle East is.
8. Declared that he is "more popular than Jesus."
7. Was told that, despite his adamant beliefs, that the United Kingdom was no longer an Absolute Monarchy.
6. Watched more of the NCAA Basketball Tournament than he watched the situation in Pakistan.
5. Realized that "Checks and Balances" had nothing to do with money or banks.
4. Blamed President Bush for every conceivable problem, including his backed-up plumbing.
3. Defeated Chuck Norris in karate.
2. Asked Iran repeatedly, "Why can't we all just get along?"
1. Went to Europe and blamed the United States for hating Europeans. Came back, and blamed Bush for Americans hating Europeans.

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Anonymous said...

To anonymous...Spoken like a true progressive. If you can't refute something, resort to insults.

Luke said...

To Luke....spoken just like you/I would. If you/I can't refute something, resort to talking to your/myself

The Joemister said...

To Luke...spoken like a true sex-god. If you can't refute something, resort to staying cool

Luke said...

my name is luke. i am dumb

Joe C. said...

Don't I write for this blog?

Aurelius said...