Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax day 2009 - part two - flat tax.

300,000 to 1,000,000 Patriots protested in hundreds of tea parties yesterday, the numbers are still being counted, whatever the result is - it was an impressive nationwide grassroots protest against massive taxation, increased spending, increasing the debt, and a massive proposed budget.
The question now appears to be - now what do we do?

We need to set goals to deal with our tax code & tax brackets, our tax code is 60,000 pages long and so complicated our Secretary of Treasury can't understand it, and our tax brackets unfairly tax the rich, we have two options, I favor one other the other, but I will let you decide :

Option 1 : we eliminate the federal income tax, and put in place a federal sales tax instead.

Option 2 : we set a federal flat tax for all brackets at 15% or lower.

I 100% believe the income tax is un-constitutional, our Founding Fathers would be against it, however if we put in a federal sales tax - the system would be rigged and abused even more personal then income taxes, so I support a federal all bracket income tac at 15-13%.

Having a low income tax will encourage small business, big business, one person on ebay business, employers, employees, the avergae American, all classes, business overall, and it would bring massive dividends to the federal government. We need to push for these progressive/populist tax brackets to be replaced permenantly, as they are bad for business, and bad for America - we also need to lower corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, and eliminate the death tax.

Fellow Americans we have the networks, we have the resources, we have the numbers, we have the momentum, we have a chance to win America partially back in 2010, we need to start pushing for a Conservative tax system now.

Is it fair that those that succeed in this Nation pay nearly (if Obama's tax plans go through) 40% to the federal government, near 8% to the New York state government, and 12% extra in city tax if you live New York City, that is 60% of one's hard earned income going towards income taxs, is that fair?

Is it fair that in the land of free, the home of the brave, a land of opportunity - Corporate taxes are the second highest in the world, and people wonder why jobs are being shipped out of America to low corporate and income tax nations.

The madness has to end.

Let the American tax system revolution begin.

Let it begin with the flat tax.

Authors note : This is part two of a two part series, part one can be found -

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