Sunday, April 19, 2009

You might be a Right Wing Extremist if..........

You believe that abortion is wrong, and that life should always be the answer.
You believe we should have strong borders, and deport all illegal immigrants.
You believe the massive taxation & spending by the government is outrageous.
You believe that there are anti-gun forces in the White House, and you prepare by buying extra ammo and guns.
You believe the U.N. is anti-American interests (which they are).
You are a returning Veteran from Iraq, because you are a super-dangerous to the lives of all citizens, even though you fought for freedom and their protection for 2 years.

Are you a right wing extremist? I am not a Veteren, but I do believe in all of the above. We live in a time where Conservatives and hell anyone who has a "R" next to their name is hated by the government, and ignored even more by the main stream media. Don't let that get you down though, because we always prevail, and..............................we've got the Constitution on our side.

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