Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama wants control.

Last October, like millions of fellow Americans I was 100% opposed to all bank bailouts, and I have also been opposed to the auto bailout, the stimulus, even more bailouts, even more wasted money, and now the near 4 trillion dollar budget. I have been against these bailouts no matter who the President was, no matter which party was in control, but Obama is going far beyond what Bush ever did - he wants complete control.

Many larger banks who received TARP funds, many of which did not want the money in the first place, have been pushing to give the money back, the government has refused - why would they ever refuse? Because they want control, they want control of salaries of all employees, and bonuses - they have introduced legislation to back both claims. Why would they want control of salaries and bonuses now that it has been proven they support it, it could be because Obama hates capitalism....or...........there is no other option.

Banks, give it all back, mail it all back, give it to Tax Cheat Tim at the Treasury, do what you must.

One more thing, some Liberals say the returned money will go back to the Taxpayers, no it won't. It will go back to the federal government, to waste and spend on more projects and rake up the debt my friends.

Republicans give tax cuts. Democrats give welfare checks. I would rather get the taxcuts. How about you?

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