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Interview: Darrell Castle: VP Candidate for the Constitution Party in 2008

We are very fortunate to continue our interview series with our seventh individual. Darrell Castle is the Vice-Chair of the national Constitution Party, a party dedicated to a stricter reading of our founding document.In 2008, Mr. Castle was the Constitution Party's candidate for Vice President of the United States. He served our country in Viet Nam in the United States Marine Corps. He believes that Congress holds the sole power to declare war.

Mr. Castle is an attorney in private practice with firms in Memphis, TN, St. Louis, MO, and Kansas City, MO. The Castle Law Firms specialize in Bankruptcy and Personal Injury. Mr. Castle earned a JD in 1979.

Mr. Castle has served the local church as deacon and deacon chairman. In 1998, he and wife Joan founded Mia’s Children Foundation, Inc. (, a Christian mission in Bucharest, Romania which ministers to homeless gypsy children.

Mr. Castle and his wife Joan have been married for 31 years and live in Germantown, TN. Their daughter Joanna and her husband Michael Miller serve with the Navigators Ministry at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

So without further ado:

  1. What is the biggest issue affecting Americans today and how would you deal with it?

The biggest issue facing Americans today is whether we will remain a free and independent people able to govern ourselves and decide our own destiny and that of our children or whether we will be ruled by a tiny elite who will decide those things for us. This question was asked by Thomas Jefferson more than 200 years ago and it is more at issue today than it was in Jefferson’s day. I would return to Constitutional government and the rule of law. The Constitution says that it is the supreme law of the land (Article 6, paragraph 2) and it should be respected as such by elected officials who take an oath to honor and defend it. The United States should avoid sovereignty destroying ideas such as the North American Union which proposes to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada into one regional organization similar to the European Union. We should secure our borders and enforce immigration laws, withdraw from so called free trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and WTO which serve the interests of foreign governments and international mega corporations rather than the American people. We should adopt a foreign policy of strict neutrality with all nations.

  1. What grade would you give President Obama’s first 100 days and why?

I would give him an A on his returning some degree of dignity and restraint to the office of the President but his overall grade is an F. His first 100 days have been very disappointing because he came to the office with such potential to do great things of a positive nature.

His approach to our economic problems is a strictly Keynesian one which will not work and in fact will make the situation worse. Instead of leading us back to a sound money system he appointed the very people who caused the economic breakdown to lead us out of it. As a result, the American people are committed to 13 trillion dollars in bailout money and for what? The answer apparently is so that Wall Street gamblers will not get what they deserve. This will condemn generations of Americans to poverty and destroy the retirement incomes of millions of Americans. GRADE F

He led the American people to believe that he would restore the Bill of Rights and end the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and other such legislation, but he has not. He promised that he would restore habeas corpus and he has not. He stated that he would end CIA secret prisons, but he simply transferred them to a different location. His deeds do not match his words. GRADE F

He led us to believe that he would end the war in Iraq. Instead, he now intends to leave up to 50,000 troops there permanently and those being withdrawn are going to Afghanistan. He has spread the Afghanistan war into Pakistan, a nuclear armed country. GRADE F.

He refuses to secure our borders and such refusal is a clear violation of the Constitution (Article 4 section 4) and a violation of the first duty of the President which is to defend America and repel invasion. He now proposes amnesty for those not legally in America. He blames the American people for the drug wars in Mexico and he does these things despite having declared a state of national emergency due to the flu epidemic in Mexico. GRADE F

I could go on, but his overall grade is F. For what it’s worth George W. Bush’s overall grade is an "F-" because of the above reasons, as well as his starting both wars, and his making America a morally corrupt torture nation.

  1. What is the biggest threat to our Constitution?

My answer to question one also applies to this question. In addition, the assumption of power by the executive branch is a Constitution destroying trend that if not reversed will result in an elected dictator. The Constitution is not self enforcing and the people have been unwilling to hold the Democrat and Republican office holders responsible for their degradation of Constitutional government.

  1. Why do you feel that Americans are often uninvolved with politics?

People have lost their understanding of the American system of government and what it takes to keep it intact. Most lives revolve around the necessities of life such as work and families. In addition, many people are obsessed with entertainment such as sports and by the idea of celebrity in general. These things result from 60 years of failed public education which is evidenced by a high school drop out rate of 50% and from consolidated corporate control of the media which refuses to broadcast or print the truth.

  1. Why would your platform help transform American policy for the better?

It would restore America to peace, prosperity, and liberty. The rule of law would apply to those in government as well as to the rest of us. Americans would be safe without surveillance and without the militarized police state we are building. We would have a sound money system. A monetary system free of the Federal Reserve debt based credit system that currently controls our economy. This would allow people to have security in retirement without erosion of their savings by inflation. Our people would be secure from the requirement of unnecessary foreign wars. The borders would be secured which would allow us to eradicate many diseases imported from the third world by people coming to America illegally. The income tax would be abolished and the government would be funded by a low, non-punitive import tariff. There would be an economic boom such as we have yet to experience including technological and innovative advances. Freedom is very popular and it works,

Thank You for the opportunity to answer these questions.

Darrell L. Castle

Constitution Party Vice Chairman

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