Friday, April 24, 2009

Whats in a message

There are those in the world who call themselves messengers of a higher calling, and then, there are also those some call annoying and others call false.

At the University at Albany yesterday, there was a man standing up on the wall next to the stairs in front of the Campus Center. People were calling him an idiot, and some other things which I refuse to actually post.

He claimed to be preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, but his tone was rather mandative, and centered only in on those who could not break his argument. Apparently, he actually told a student that the student was going to Hell, a place of eternal damnation and suffering, just because he had different beliefs from this "angry preacher".

He stated that some sinners are loved more than others, and that this was an effect of not accepting Jesus as Savior over all the Earth. His aggressive speaking drove students away, and it seemed that he only softened the tone when he began to lose his audience.

These views do not in anyway represent the views of all Christians. There is certainly a difference between telling someone that their lifestyle leads the pathway to Hell rather than to tell them that because he or she different from one person talking to them then that sends them to Hell. Jesus put out Salvation to all who will accept it, but that does not give anyone the right to call himself a Spirit filled believer and attempt to forcefully impose his views on anyone else.

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