Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liberals take Palin out of context...again

Being in politics, especially when being in discussion to be a front runner for nomination to run for President you will be in the spotlight constantly, but the brutal assaults on Governor Sarah Palin are not only outrageous, but most take the complete situation out of context. One of the liberals chief attacks is to paint some rift between social Conservatives and Governor Palin in the Republican party, with cheap attacks and faulty liberal interpretation on a nightly basis.

Take Sarah Palin's recent speech to a pro-life group in Indiana, Governor Palin made a great speech that made the entire room stand in applause twice, however the liberal media and blogosphere would have you believing that pro-lifers we're walking away from the speech in complete shock and now hate Sarah Palin. What could have provoked this distorted liberal claim this time?

During her pro-life speech, Governor Palin talked about how she could have gotten an abortion of her baby Trig, in another state with no-one knowing who she was, but she said that life was the only option that she could make, and that her baby boy is a pure blessing from God. I take that as : In the end, no matter what other options, only life is the option, and that all are a blessing from God.

The liberals are saying that she knows what it is like to consider abortion, etc. etc. etc. etc. - Without revealing that Governor Palin said that life was the ultimate choice, of course they left out the conclusion, so they could yet again distort the 100% pro-life Governor from Alaska, who is living proof that the pro-life movement is not just a movement, but a way of life.

The way the media has treated Sarah Palin is just outrageous and out of touch with most Americans, but as most agree - they would not be attacking Governor Palin, if they had no reason to fear her. Everyone knows she is the reason Mccain stood a fighting chance, and why McCain took the lead in polls on September 15th - and the campaign was even leading in Oregon, and they fear her - because they see a Conservative, who is even more Conservative then Ronald Reagan.

In summary, the brutal attacks on Governor Palin are out of line, and showcases the increasing downfall of journalistic standards in American media, they also show complete ignorance and biased in reporting - especially when the media refuses to critisize Obama who has wasted more money then any other President in American history in 90 days (let alone 2 terms for every President).

I support Governor Palin, as does Conservative nation, and so will the rest of America - so these reports might be insulting and idiotic, but they just prove how much they fear a gun-totting, God loving, Governor from Wasilla Alaska. Or in other words, the average American.

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Bj said...

Agree with your blog. I personally am starting to really hate liberals. Guess I'm one of those home brewed terrorists. Oh well.

Patty Horn said...

I very much agree with your thoughts here. I listened to Sarah Palin's speech online and it was absolutely wonderful. She is a true American hero!