Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Conservative Nation : 40% of Americans, Conservative.

I generally do not trust polling companies, however I am an avid reader of Rasmussen Reports, because they are the best of the best in terms of accuracy of Americas opinion on issues, I usually cast off gallup - except when it comes to a poll so shocking, you know it has to be accurate. We learned a month ago that America is more pro-life then pro-abortion, and that a majority of Americans want abortion illegal except in extreme cases - that was a shut the hell up poll to social liberals in the GOP who insisted that we leave all social Conservative stances once and for all.

Now an even more shocking, actually pleasing poll has been released by Gallup, which should also serve as an shut the hell up poll to those that want to kill the Republican Conservative American values that have made America great, and that have defined the Republican party.

According to a recent poll, which has collected tens of thousands of Americans opinions over the past few months, has found that 40% of Americans are self described Conservatives, 35% of Americans are self described Moderates, and 21% of Americans are self described liberals - younger Americans are nearly divided three ways on the question, as 30% are Conservative, 31% are liberal, and 39% consider themselves Moderate.

While we find overall 40% of Americans are Conservative, a look within the main parties (GOP, Democrat, and Independents) is quite interesting :

Republican party -

73% Conservative, 24% Moderate, 3% liberal.

Democrat party -

40% Moderate, 38% liberal, 22% Conservative.

Independents -

45% Moderate, 34% Conservative, 20% liberal.

Very interesting indeed.

Moderate can describe Conservatives who seek to be liked by the media, or liberals who seek to loose the bad name of being a liberal, so actually knowing the beliefs of a supposed Moderate is near impossible - and confusing.

In conclusion, America is 3% more Conservative then last year, the Republican party is nearly 5-8% more Conservative then I had previously thought, and not all hope is lost among young voters - as long as they actually mature like the generations before them, in terms of economics, having a family, National security, and actually living in the world. I would also like to point out, that Americans are generally Conservative on all but a few key issues, these few issues have historically been a hassle & hostile towards Conservatives, meaning we have to hit these issues headon.

Conservatism is America in one way or another, however - can we keep American Conservative at all costs?

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