Monday, June 15, 2009

Tobacco Capitalism no more.

Tobacco Capitalism is no more.

Does American Capitalism really matter to anyone in America anymore? Perhaps when it comes to the local Wal-Mart around the corner, the automobile companies controlling their own future, and letting the banks succeed, fail, or file for chapter 11 by themselves - Capitalism counts, but what about the Tobacco industry?

The Tobacco industry has been a cash crop of America for over three hundred years, especially in the Southern United States, the crop has been a cash cow for owners, workers, and a relaxation for the regular folk to the executive class of America, as the product has been affordable for all to enjoy. Tobacco is not the most healthy of products, however those that chose to enjoy the product - know the risks, the same as those that drive a car, drink alcohol, or even operate heavy equipment.

For 300 years everything has been going well, the Capitalist system has provided wealth for Tobacco cropowners and an affordable product for the Tobacco consumers. That is, until the ugly head that is liberalism started to mess with the economic market, and sought to gain more money by taxing Americans that all blame.

I will not recount the history of liberal attacks on the Tobacco industry, but I will review the recent legislation that has passed Congress that is not only against Capitalism, but I believe is another step towards universal government control, excuse me, healthcare.

The "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act" gives the Food & Drug Administration complete control to regulate the Tobacco industry, to the marxist point of literally controlling what ingredients are included in Tobacco products, the legislation would hurt Tobacco crops across the South, would hurt Tobacco shops across America, and would add another dent into the American Capitalistic system.

I would love to ensure you that this legislation was not supported by one Republican, however only 114 stood for Capitalism in the Tobacco industry in the Senate & House of Representatives combined, 106 or nearly 50% of all Republicans stood for Capitalism, including Senator DeMint & Congressman Pence. 8 Democrats joined the limited Republican defense, most were from the South as well.

What does all of this mean?

It means that if a product has the slightest chance of impacting the health of someone, Capitalism is thrown right out the window, it means that if American's have the responsibility to chose a potentially very risky product, that the government wants to be the nannystate instead, and it means - that to be able to control the population via universal healthcare, the government needs to get rid of all possible sickness, via regulating & controlling the populace.

This is a sad day for the state of Capitalism in America.

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