Thursday, June 25, 2009

Governor Sanford & the Republican 2012 Primary.

As I am sure all have heard, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has admitted to having an affair with an old friend from the South American Nation of Argentina, as a Conservative who has supported Sanford through his battle for fiscal Conservatism in South Carolina - this saddens me beyond no end. However, the sickening display of the Main Stream Media & Democrats over the issue makes me sick, as they are gleefully jumping up & down that the GOP has lost the 2012 Presidential election, when in reality - most sane voters, will realize - one man does not make or break a party, unless he is the current President.

A disgusting display as posted on shows an AP writer trying to lump in Governor Jindal, Governor Perry, and Governor Palin all into the same category of Governor Sanford's affair, and trying to paint all of the potential GOP 2012 candidates as hypocrites or pre-determined losers, which is just an outrage. Governor Sanford did wrong by me, as of now he has committed no impeachable offense - like Governor Spitzer, the former New Jersey Governor, or President Bill Clinton - we shall see what results from this travesty.

In conclusion, the GOP is fine for the 2012 election when it comes to a deep field of Conservative Republican candidates, and media attempts to lump all the other candidates in with Sanford's mistake will backfire.

Also, I am very pleased to see Governor Barbour replace Sanford as Chairman of the Republicans Governor Association.

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Aurelius said...

Welcome back, Mr.K. Good article.