Sunday, June 14, 2009

UPDATE : Lets imagine : John McCain was President.

"Cindy McCain, girls get rare London palace tour, while millions of Americans suffer".

"McCain eyes tighter control on banks, Wall Street - using the same failed policies of George Bush".

"McCain might send United States Navy to harass North Korean skips, warmonger continues his campaign.."

Just imagine the headlines if McCain was President instead of Obama, and McCain was doing the exact same things Obama was doing, the headlines would be brutal and dishonest. Now I believe a story titled "Michelle Obama, girls get rare London palace tour" is just out of place, especially since the Media is championing it while millions are losing their jobs, now I am not against them having fun - but this little tour, probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the American taxpayers (flying there along with several jets, secret service everywhere, hotels, gas, etc.), which is just wrong.

I am against any government control of the banks & Wall Street, or any government interference for that point, government being involved is what caused this whole mess, the corruption on Wall Street compounded the problem, but itself was not the starting problem or even a major problem to this financial downturn. McCain would be called out, Obama is followed like a shepherd, a shepherd who sold Americas sheep for power.

I also believe sending the United States Navy to harass North Korean skips is just immature, that is not how you handle a major foreign policy issue by sending out the worlds finest to harass the worlds nuttiest. I personally believe we need to launch a joint-effort with South Korea to take out the nuclear launch sites & nuclear plants. If McCain ever did anything like send the U.S. Navy to harass North Korean ships, the media would claim that this was causing such fear to North Koreans who think they have a satellite in space...when they don't......thus McCain is a warmonger.

That's what would be if McCain was President, then again the wuss in chief is President, yet over the same decisions/choices - the media is fawning instead of attacking, doesn't that just prove something in it's self?


I have one more point to make, every article I see about Obama doing something is the information of the 2010 mid-term elections, its like democrats in the media & the White House alike are obsessed with the 2010 election, why would they be so scared if Obama is so popular? The reality is - he is not that popular, all of his stances on issues - are unpopular, and Republicans are gaining support among Americans - because when they follow principle, they are Conservatives, which is what America wants.

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Anonymous said...

If John McCain were president, magazines would be commenting about the svelte nature of his wife's arms:

President's wife does steroids.