Sunday, June 28, 2009

Key section of Honduras Constitution.

"Title VII, with two chapters, outlines the process of amending the constitution and sets forth the principle of constitutional inviolability. The constitution may be amended by the National Congress after a two-thirds vote of all its members in two consecutive regular annual sessions. However, several constitutional provisions may not be amended. These consist of the amendment process itself, as well as provisions covering the form of government, national territory, and several articles covering the presidency, including term of office and prohibition from reelection."


While I disagree with parts of the Honduras Constitution (Not the above portion, as it appears to be close to the United States Constitution on terms of elections & how to deal with the Constitution), this part is key to the recent news in the Nation, the Constitution clearly defines that the term of office is to never be touched at all, it is a binding amendment, which can never be touched. This is what created the whole situation today, lets recap :

Former President of Honduras wants to change Constitution, and move towards a more Hugo Chavez like government, all of which is against the Constitution, the Republic, and Freedom itself.

Congress, the Supreme Court, Attorney General, the Military, and most in the Nation were looking for a way to stall him or impeach him - as his intentions are illegal, and wrong.

A legal order to remove the former President/dictator wannabe is given to the Military, who then evicts him from the Nation, along with several members of his staff (not from the Nation, just fired him).

The Congress impeaches the dictator on grounds of abusing the Constitution, and install the leader of Congress - till the November elections as President, as per the Constitution.

All the actions are 100% legal, and they have done a great deed - as I have stated countless times before, this is defending the Constitution of a Nation, the Republic form of government, a Democracy, and Freedom from government oppression - as this dictator creep was planning.

Is America standing with Honduras? Declaring how important the Constitution of one Nation is? Nope, in fact - it appears the words of the White House, are in favor of this dictator who was attempting to destroy the democrat process, instead of the Congress, Supreme Court, Military, and the people who were attempting to defend the democratic process. So sad & pathetic a government we have today, especially in terms of foreign policy.

Note :

1.When I first heard the story, I supported the overthrowing of the dictator, on grounds of defending the Republic.
2.Then I supported the impeaching of the dictator, the actions of the Military, and other forces.
3.Now that I know the full picture, that this was an legal order to throw out the dictator - not a military coup as the media is reporting, this was a move of Constitutional, Republican, Democracy, and Freedom protection by the Congress, Supreme Court, Military, and the people of Honduras.

I support this move 100%

Also :

A coup is an overthrow of the complete government, and putting in their own person - this was an act of throwing out a danger to the Nation, and following the Constitution.

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Unknown said...

From everything I've seen so far, I agree, (although with the MSM it's hard to tell what is truth and what isn't) This appears to be a legal move by the Honduran government. Their Congress acted appropriately to protect the government and Constitution from a Chavez wannabe. My first clue that they probably acted correctly was that Castro, Chavez, Clinton, and Obama opposed their actions.

Anonymous said...

Ainars Leijejs, Latvia

Well, do you read all information in your mentioned wb page? There is said, that if they want to do something with high executive person, there need to be impeachment in National Congress and only than Supreme court can make trial against president - well this is how I understand it. So it means that Suprme Court is not working by constitution and ruling about army is not constituttional. Also army need to be not political said constitution of Honduras.

So this situation is not so easy like you written there. So Zelaya remain president and if they want to change this situation National Congress needs to start impechment procedur.

Editor said...

I have reviewed the page, and I found nothing concerning what to do when it comes to an high executive.

However, I did find this quote :

also includes a provision new to the 1982 constitution that labels the supplanting of popular sovereignty and the usurping of power as "crimes of treason against the fatherland.

This fits right into this situation, plus lets remember - the Military followed direct legal orders from the Supreme Court & Congress, the Congress followed the law by impeaching & removing the President, and the Supreme Court approve the impeachment.

All of this is legal & Constitutional.