Monday, June 29, 2009

How Obama Has Doomed 134.7 Million People

Rarely in history has a President of the United States acted so quickly, so poorly, and so ineffectively. Not even the infamous Jimmy Carter can hold a candle to how President Obama has handled situations on the ground in Iraq, the Military Base in Guantanamo, or relations aboard the Apology Express in Europe. But no, though the "Commander in Chief" stumbled and fell throughout those mentioned, they are not the worst things he has done.

No, our Chosen One has done much more egregious things that will almost definitely cripple the lives of all involved. In his very young Presidency, there are three groups of people that the President has hurt almost irrevocably: the coming generation of children in the United States, the population of Iran, and the people of the country of Georgia.

You may be surprised to learn about Georgia, since it hasn't been in the news since Russia invaded it last August, claiming they were attacking a "sovereign" neighbor. Since then, the country has fallen from the limelight, and from Obama's mind. While President Bush was in office, he concentrated on countries that were not necessarily in the eye of the world community. Albania, Georgia, and Kosovo were small nations that the former President paid attention to, a couple of which President Obama could point out on the map. Bush fostered the relationship with them, Obama has forgotten.

But why are the 4.7 million citizens of Georgia doomed? Well, President Obama's "new" foreign policy with Russia has been, in his words, "reset." Of course, the symbolic button that the Secretary of State actually said "overlord," which is what Russia has become to Georgia. Georgia is no longer politically important to the world's most popular leader, so it is not important. Russia is bearing down on it's neighbor, and Obama turns a blind eye.

The coming generation of children, which will be the next 25 years, will have approximately 60 million. What can I say; you know it's coming. A stimulus bill, a possible second stimulus bill, the crap & tax bill that has God-knows-what in it, selling our debt to China, and (wait for it) universal health care that will not insure every one and cost over a trillion dollars.

The taxes will be unbelievable. I cannot fathom what the President is thinking when he proposes more and more spending. Does he know what inflation is? Does he know what borrowed time and borrowed money is? Apparently not.

And the saddest one of all: the 70,000,000 people of Iran. When the clearly corrupt took place, which had Ahmadinejad winning more than 100% of the vote in some regions, the President's ingenious plan was to stay quiet. Slowly, but surely, as the Media covered it and polls called for a responce from the President, Obama stepped up his "outrage."

Now, you may ask, Mr. Blog-Writer, why didn't the President speak up in the first place? Well, try not to laugh, the President believed that a tyrannical theocracy wouldn't dare to say the West instigated the revolts if he kept his mouth shut. Guess what, that untrusting government that rigged an election came out and said that we (the US and UK) caused the protests. I can't believe that a government that lies to its people and the world would even fathom blaming someone else for their problems.

Now, the protesters have no support from the United States because the President didn't see the political gain in helping them. He was desperate to keep an idiotic campaign promise to a dictatorial government. Are we responsible for the revolts in Iran? Of course not. People are rallying for freedom and liberty. But you'd be damned to find Obama saying that.

So three countries, Iran, the United States, and Georgia, have felt the hurt of a President who cannot seem to organize a speech around results, but can sure kill a fly. We are five glorious months into President Obama's administration and oh the price we've paid.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does he know what inflation is? Does he know what borrowed time and borrowed money is? Apparently not.

He knows exactly what he is doing. He has been raised from childhood to believe that "EEEVIL" capitalism must be destroyed; these are just steps along the way.

Unless we correct it quickly, there will be another 300 million enslaved by socialism right here.