Friday, June 26, 2009

The last stand for American Capitalism, today.

My fellow Americans, the last stand for the Capitalistic system in America which has made this the greatest Nation & peoples on the earth, is down to the last gasp of freedom to survive in the economic market, the last hope of independence from government intervention, and possibly the last stand. Today, in the House of Representatives the cap & trade legislation will be voted on, this legislation will exert more government interference in the Private sector then every before, it will tax all Americans via rising energy costs, and rising costs of all products. It will also extend unemployment benefits for 3 long years, it will waste billions of dollars, and it will fight something that does not even exist.

Any sane person can tell you "global warming" is a farce, June 2009 has been one of the coldest in the history of New York state, last year was cold for all parts of America & the world, we have not warmed since 1998, and surprise - surprise - the Sun is producing the lowest amount of energy in its normal cycle. In the 1970's we were heading into an "Ice Age", in the 1990's we were heading into an "global warming", what does that tell you - The earth warms & cools by natural climate patterns, which the Sun controls via nuclear reactions on the Sun itself.

This legislation will kill American business forever, it will raise prices of everything, it will destroy the Capitalistic economy once & for all, all for a liberal created fantasy, I urge all to email, write, phone your Congress & Senators and plead with them to vote "NO" to this legislation, we need to take a stand for American Capitalism, it has been destroyed in the Tobacco industry, lets not let this anti-American disease spread.

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1 comment:

Elli Davis said...

I am quite not able to tell when u are sarcastic and when not :)