Friday, June 26, 2009

List of turncoat Republicans.

The House of Representatives has passed the horrific cap & tax bill by a margin of 219-212, with 8 turncoat Republicans providing liberals the majority to pass a massive tax legislation, government control, destruction of Capitalistic society, more un-Constitutional control over states, etc.

The eight GOP turncoats, are as follows :

Congressmen Bono-Mack.
Congressmen Castle.
Congressmen Kirk.
Congressmen Lance.
Congressmen LoBiondo.
Congressmen McHugh.
Congressmen Reichert.
Congressmen Smith (New Jersey).

For some unknown reason, Republican Congressmen Flake & Sullivan did not vote. And our very own liberal Obama like Congressmen Paul Tonko voted for this legislation, while the supposed fiscal conservative also voted for the horrific cap & tax legislation.

A sad day for America, as of now we have enough votes in the Senate.............

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Politically, you're an idiot.
Socially, you're an asshole.

Post a blog when you have the faintest conception of what the actual bills contain and represent.