Sunday, June 14, 2009

Freedom to be politically active.

We have a deep problem in the United States of America, an very important sector of the American lifestyle has been subjected to oppression of expressing political viewpoints, directly against the United States Constitution - freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. The United States Church needs to be allowed a voice in the political process, as the tax laws are being used against the United States Church - so they will not discuss elections in the United States of America.

This is the largest scandal in America's Church related history if you ask me.

Liberals have long touted "the separation of church & state" as the reason to support a Church ban on expressing political viewpoints when it comes to elections, however - the separation of church and state is not in the Constitution, and that actually means - the government cannot endorse/create a state church like they did in England, and that is all it means - so churches can talk, because they are not the government, and government can be involved with the Church - as long as it does not endorse one church over another, or adopt a state church like in England.

There goes the argument of the liberal fanatics
33 Pastors last year all endorsed Senator McCain to challenge the Draconian IRS regulations, as a story reports "

The effort is intended to elicit an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service that ADF would then challenge in federal court, with the ultimate goal of persuading the Supreme Court to overthrow the 54-year-old ban called the Johnson Amendment that restricts tax-exempt non-profits, such as churches, from engaging in political campaigns.

ADF attorney Erik Stanley previously told, "For so long, there has been this cloud of intimidation over the church. It is the job of the pastors of America to debate the proper role of church in society. It's not for the government to mandate the role of church in society."

"We're not encouraging any congregation to violate the law. What we're encouraging them to do is exercise their constitutional right in the face of an unconstitutional law," he added."


American churches should be tax exempt, they should also be allowed to express political opinions on elections, and other issues - as should all other non-profits.

Another interesting story deals with a Pastor being complained about, because he said he supported a candidate while preaching....... -

Freedom to be politically active should include the freedom to endorse a candidate, for to long this tyrannical regulation has existed, for no longer....should it.

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