Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NY Met David Wright to Give Kidney to Needy Child

New York Examiner
Dennis Hamm
June 30, 2009

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- The New York Mets may be looking at another injury; this one, however, is not baseball related. According to Jonathan Ellis, a representative for David Wright, the New York slugger could be headed to the DL because of a promise he made to a child.

Ellis explains that Wright had been visiting a children's hospital in New York, which Ellis refused to name, as part of the Baseball Outreach program. While there, Wright visited an eight year old child with kidney failure.

"Doctors told us that they had been having difficulties finding a donor," Ellis stated. "The kid told David that he was his biggest fan in the world, but that he couldn't leave his bed to see a real Met game because he was so sick."

The child, Justin LeVert, then asked Mr. Wright if he (LeVert) would ever be able see a Met game. According to Ellis, Wright stated that "he promised that he would see a game, even if he had to give his own kidney to make it happen."

"I thought that David was saying that to be kind. I didn't know he had given doctors blood to see whether he was a match," Ellis said. "Last night he [Wright] got a call from the hospital, and they told him that he would be able to give Justin a kidney if he chose to.

"I was stunned when he told me," Ellis concluded.

The New York Mets recently have had a rash of injuries, including their first baseman Carlos Delgado, center fielder Carlos Beltran, and their short stop Jose Reyes. Yesterday, the team dipped below .500 for the first time in two months. If Wright were to miss significant time on the field, it could prove costly for the team, which is currently only trailing the Phillies by 3 games in the National League East.

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