Sunday, June 28, 2009

What would you be willing to do, for freedom?

Imagine you are currently serving in the Military in Honduras, the long standing Constitution has Presidential term limits as the United States has, separation of powers, it is formed like a Republic, the system has worked - a balance between Conservatism & liberalism is working great in Honduras for the political system.

There has been many problems between big government & military coups in the long history of Honduras, however - those problems appear to be small, as the upcoming elections promise to bring about a new President, as President's can only serve one term in the Republic of Honduras.

Now imagine, the power hungry President of Honduras is putting forth a vote - which the Congress of the land, and the Supreme Court has ruled against the law, a vote which would erase term limits, as what occurred in several other South American & Central American Nations - leading to dictatorships.

What would you do? With a vote that could ruin the Republic/Democracy forever, and could establish another dictatorship just like Hugo Chavez, what would you do?

Earlier today, the Military of Honduras stormed the Presidential palace and kicked out the President of Honduras on the day of the historic day, along with the President - they kicked out diplomats from Cuba, and other communist/government controlled Nations as well.

As long as the Military gives up control of the government to the head of the Congress, as the Constitution prescribes, I 100% believe in what the Honduras military has done. A dictator pushing for unlimited Presidential terms, a friend of Hugo Chavez, and the stake of Freedom - Republic - and Democracy at stake, the answer seems clear to me - you must keep freedom, as long as freedom will keep you.

So my question, if you were serving in the Military of Honduras, the the President was pushing for destruction of term limits, a move that has been declared illegal by the Congress of the land, the Supreme Court of the Courts, the Military, and even own political members of the President's party - what would you do? Would you throw out the communists & the President to keep the Republic, Constitution, and Freedom? Or would you do nothing?

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I think the title was used in the movie "Team America"