Thursday, June 25, 2009

The question all never ask.

When you hear of a political scandal, all are interested - however, when the scandal occurs to a Democrat - the main stream media is silent, yet when a Republican is involved in a scandal - the main stream media is outraged. I have decided to do some research, lets expose the true party of corruption.

Democrats vs. Republicans.

Democrats :
President Clinton.
Senator Ted Kennedy.
Senator Torricelli.
Senator Roland Burris.
Senator Harrison Williams Jr.
Senator Chris Dodd.
Senator Harry Reid.
Senator John Edwards.
Congressmen : Barney Frank, Gary Condit, John Murtha, Gerry Studds, Allan Howe, Nancy Pelosi, William Jefferson, George Crockett Jr., Bobby Rush, and many more.
Governors - Elliot Spitzer, Blago, Otto Kerner Jr., David Walters, David Hall, Neil Goldschmidt, Dan Walker, Otto Kerner Sr, Bill Richardson, James McGreevey, Jon Corzine, Schwarznegger (not a Republican on one issue), Patrick, and many more.
Republicans :
Senator Larry Craig.
Senator David Vitter.
Senator John Ensign.
Governor Sanford.
Governor George Ryan.
Congressman Foley.
Congressman John E. Sweeney.
US attorney Johnny Sutton.

There are many more Democrats I did not even include in this article, I am sure I missed some Republicans, however - in a full list, the Democrats are the clear winners of corruption by a two to one ratio.

Also : In respect to Senator Vitter, Senator Ensign, and Governor Sanford - they atleast admitted wrong doing, unlike some Democrats that we know.

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