Thursday, June 25, 2009

Headlines of the Media if John McCain were President

Mr. K recently did a piece about 'what if John McCain were President," so I figured a do a (hopefully) funny piece about potential media headlines if John McCain were President:

Senator Obama takes tough stance on Health Care, votes "Present"

Unemployment Explodes to 8%

Iran Crushes Opposition, President McCain Blindly Says They are "Bad"

"Vice President Palin Builds Giant Tower on top of Home in Alaska, States that she can see Mexico from her House"

World Peace Declared; Could the President be Doing More for Our Relations Over-Seas?

"John McCain is Old"

Sarah Palin: A Bad Mother and a Bad Person... More at Eleven
(although this one is already a headline)

North Korean Government Falls, Senator Obama States that it is "All Thanks to Him"

"How the World would be a Better Place if Obama were President"

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to add "President McCain's Amnesty for Illegals bill sails through both houses".

Aurelius said...

Ha ha. Yeah, I forgot that one.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Laura Bush, if her arms looked as good as Michelle's:

Bush's Wife Does Steroids.

Anonymous said...

Or, McCain forgets to bow to world leaders; International incident ensues.