Friday, June 26, 2009

Joe's Babe of the Week

I don't know what happened, Joe faithful. Apparently, I spent the last week in the captivity of Nicaraguan pirates. Or at least, that what my doctors tell me I saw. Well, anyway, here's my babe of the week:

Joe's Babe of the Week: Barbara Boxer
Do you that creeping sensation you get up your back when you see something scary? For some reason I always get that in my pants when looking at this fine woman. Maybe it's because she's frighteningly pretty, or just frightening, but it's always a doozy.Mrs. Boxer is known for here for her insanity as a representative for California, but known world-wide for her looks. All Joe knows is that he's glad he's wearing Boxer shorts.
Keep up the good work, ma'am, and I'll keep it up too!

Joe's Hot Score: 8.0/10 Ups

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Snotty Cow.