Monday, June 29, 2009

Definition of a "coup"

"a sudden and decisive action in politics, esp. one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force."

Memo to world leaders, American main stream media, and all other's who have called the Honduras situation - a Military coup, could we actually understand the meaning of the word, and how it applies to this situation.

1. The government in Honduras was legally removed by the Military, on order of the Supreme Court - in order to defend the Constitution, the Republic, and of course, Freedom.

2. Since this was a legal move, and the dictator wannabe needed to be removed - how else do you do it, except by force?

3. If this is a coup, then the New York Senate debacle is a violent government overthrow.

Then again, if defending the Constitution & the law of the land is violent Military action, I guess all of the Tea Party folks on TaxDay we're all overthrowing the government, I guess the Founding Fathers of America who were fighting for Freedom from British oppression, we're apart of a military coup? The meaning has been used so much, that some are starting to confuse defending Constitutions or fighting for Freedom - with actual fascist takeovers of government.

As we have learned with the Obama administration, words are manipulated to mean new things, for new deceptive ploys. What they did in Honduras, was not only legal, but morally right to support - as Freedom, is only natural for all men on earth, the question is - are you willing to do all to keep that Freedom? As the brave Military, Congress, Supreme Court, and others in Honduras have done.

America needs to stand with the new Honduras government, and with the Iranian protesters....or else....America's standing with and for Freedom, is gone in the wind.

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