Monday, April 13, 2009

Opinion of a strong black American Conservative - interview.

Over the weekend, I asked Rev. Wayne Perryman some questions, Rev. Perryman is a black Conservative, who has written about why black Americans vote Democrat, among other issues. He gave me his insight on the 2012 election, among other areas, here is the ask/answer session :

Me - Rev. Perryman, Black Americans are strong social conservatives, and have more in common with Republicans/Conservatives then they do with Democrats, then why do Black americans overwhelmingly vote Democrat, what is the history of this, and is there anyway Conservatives can change this trend?

Rev. Perryman - I write about the change from Republican to Democrat in my book: Unfounded Loyalty, but the short answer is because Republicans have failed to publish their own impressive history in the area of Civil Rights and Race Relations and they do a very poor job in communicating their position. Over the years, Republicans have spent billions of dollars on Yard Signs during elections which are burned after the election is over, but they do not spend one dime in public relations or improving their image during non-election years. In contrast, the liberals use, Hollywood, MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, My Space, Face Book, Twitter, texting and other techology - 365 days a year - year after the year - to promote their liberal agenda. Most of the Republican money goes to political consultants, most of the liberal's money goes to promote their agenda.

Me - Rev. Perryman, as a Black Conservative was it a difficult decision to back principles over race, when nearly the rest of the country no matter what color was doing the opposite?

Rev. Perryman - No, it is not difficult to go against those who vote differently. The Bible says the truth shall set you free. When truth is on your side, it is much easier to go against the grain

Me - Rev. Perryman - Obama has been in office for over 80 days now, my opinion is he has been a total failure, he has screwed up on all fronts, and has showed outstanding weakness when it comes to national defense, what is your opinion?

Rev. Perryman - The President failed before he got into office. He failed when he said the Bible and the church was wrong on the issue of homosexuality. He failed when he supports the woman's right to choose. In my opinion, the worse is yet to come. He has not been tested on national security, other than the recent pirate incident and the North Korea missle launch. Greater challenges lies ahead in the area of national security and I don't think he is ready to deal with them.

Me - Rev. Perryman, what do you see the future of the Republican party being?

Rev. Perryman - The future of the Republican Party in my opinion is bleak. They have strayed away from the core values of the Party of Lincoln. They no longer embrace Lincoln, they have become the party of Reagan. Reagan has never been the foundation of the Republican Party. When the foundation is ignored and destroyed, the building on which it sits will be destroyed as well. Lincoln is seldom every mentioned by the Republican Party even on his 200th birthday.

Me - Rev. Perryman, who is the best choice as of now, to face Obama in 2012?

Rev. Perryman - I don't think Obama will last to 2012 and I am not talking about assassination. I think he will be forced out or he will refuse to run again because of his record.

Me - Rev. Perryman, your thoughts on Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin?

Rev. Perryman - Sarah Palin is a sharp woman, but because of the left wing media, I don't America will take her serious. There will be other candidates that will surface including Jeb Bush.

Me - Rev. Perryman, gunrights are under attack in America, liberals and the Democrat party want to ban all semi-automatic weapons, and they want registration for the rest - 100% against the Constitution, being an NRA member I am concerned, what do you think about this issue?

Rev. Perryman - As a former gang member, let me tell you this, the criminal will always get their guns illegally thats why we have a problem with Somalia Pirates capturing ships and Mexican drug lords on the border - as well as gangs within our country (Russian, Asian, Biker, and Inner-city gangs). Criminals are criminals and they will never register their guns nor will the surrender them or buy them legally.

Thank you Rev. Perryman.

This is number five in our interview series. Our last interview was with Troy Senik, one of President Bush's speechwriters.

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EdSki said...

Personally I don't think the question is, why do African Americans vote democrat, the real question should be, why does anyone vote democrat?

In my opinion, far too many people in America aren't interested in doing the heavy mental lifting required to understand complex issues, so instead, they simply "pick" what ever side has the simple, most emotionally satisfying argument, pull the lever, then strut away, whistling, thinking how cool they are for voting for the side that sounds so cool and so right and so caring.

Michael Avitabile said...

Good work, Mr. K. You're doing so much better than Joe C!

Editor in Chief said...

I personally believe liberalism is a mental disorder, Rev.Perryman has written a book on this subject - of black Americans voting Democrat, so I asked him that first.