Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax day 2009 - part one - Americans revolt against spending.

Perhaps one of the greatest stories in American history occurred during events leading up to the American revolution, the Boston tea party - an event where 50+ Patriots boarded an British merchant ship disguised as savages, and dumped hundreds of pounds of tea to protest the tax increases, and British oppression. Unlike present day, most of Boston and Massachusetts in the 1700's was very patriotic, these patriots risked all to make a statement heard around the world.

Over 235 years later, the government has spent over a trillion dollars in just 2009, they have spent over 2.5 trillion overall in failed bailouts, and the proposed budget would increase the debt and taxes dramatically. There is much to be upset about, and Americans have responded loud and clear.

Today 2,000 tea parties will take place across the Nation in various cities and towns, to protest the outrageous spending the federal government has done, and to protest an near 4 trillion dollar budget, proposed by an idiot who believes everyone except the governments (federal, state, local) should cut back on spending.

This movement represents a sense or movement of fiscal conservatism we have not seen, heard, or read about since the late 1970's, Americans are made as hell with spending, taxing, borrowing, expanding the debt, and complete incompetence.

Most expect hundreds of thousands to attend tea parties across the Nation, but by my figures if all 2,000 tea parties take place and have at least 500 Americans show up at each one, it could surprise even the highest of expectations.

By my calculations, if just 500 people show up at every single tea party (2,000), over 1,000,000 Americans would have participated, if a possible 1,000 people show up at every tea party - over 2,000,000 Americans will have had their voices heard and known.

Imagine that, 2 million Americans joining together to protest government spending with no national leader, with no spearhead, but average Americans with deep political American convictions.

I am not a fan of protests, I believe Conservatives are better then the fools who march/protest mostly for anti-American causes, but there is an exception to the rule - these tea parties, a proposed million taxpayer march on Washington, and a million gun owners march next spring.

In summary, supporters and attendees of tea parties have been ignored and distorted by the Main Stream liberal Media, they have called us extremists - racists - and are planning to infiltrate these parties to destroy us anyway they can, destroy a movement by what one person might say.

As for me, there is a time when every person who walks ton this earth has to make a choice, some decisions are easy, some are hard, some are complex, but this is simple - I stand with the Founders, and the Patriots they were.

Lets party, as our Founders did.

Authors note :
This is part 1 of a two part series dealing with tax day issues, part two will be posted tomorrow, thank you.

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