Friday, June 5, 2009

Can Dems stay out of economics & healthcare?

We all knew a national universal healthcare proposal was coming, and it is as horrible as ever expected :

Employers of all business have to give employees an option of having health insurance, or face a fine! So you know that small ice cream shop down the road, expect prices to skyrocket, can they stop adding more costs & taxes onto employers, small business, and big business! Come on!

It would give the poor more money to get health insurance, what is the point of trying to lift yourself out of poverty anymore? The government will provide for you from cradle to coffin - BULLCRAP!

It would also give any patient the right to select any doctor they want.....something pretty much every single person has already.........

Lets see :

More socialism.
More welfare.
More idiotic Washington dribble.

Not to mention, Healthcare is a responsibility - not a right, and when it comes to business, especially small business which runs on little - its a choice they cannot make, but will be forced to make - OUTRAGEOUS!

Also : Anyone who calls them self a Capitalist, or be a Free Market supporter - must oppose this, this is forcing small business & employers to offer more costs to the business via health insurance, or face a government mandated penalty, that is socialism, actually its fascism.

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Luke said...

You.....are an idiot

Mr. K said...

Considering that insult has come from one of the largest jackass morons on the face of the Earth, I will take that as an accomplishment.