Friday, June 5, 2009

NASA proves global warming is a FARCE!

NASA has conducted a study, and according to the sun heats the earth, not kidding - the sun goes through cycles of increased solar activity and of decreased solar activity, meaning so many years the earth gets warmer, and go many years the earth gets cooler. Hold the phone, I already knew this - I already knew what took the morons at NASA probably 3 billion dollars to find out, that the ultimate source of heat in this world is the SUN! Also, that the sun increases & decreases in solar activity - causing warmth and cold, it has done this since the earth was created by God 10,000 years ago, global warming disproved!

The article also showed how NASA went backwards and still was clinging to the global warming myth that they just proved to be false!

Also : Has anyone ever heard of photosynthesis? Its the process where water, CO2, and light form food/energy for the plant, so if C02 is vital to a plants survival - doesn't that ruin the idiotic claim that CO2 is harming the earth? Common sense rules the day, when your not a liberal.

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1 comment:

Aurelius said...

Hey, Mr. K, I changed "Facade" to "Farce" to prevent you from being hassled. Farce is the right word in this situation.

On another note, keep up the good work; I'll be posting throughout the day on our progress.