Monday, June 1, 2009

Senator Coburn to run for Senate re-election in 2010.

Perhaps one of the greatest & one of my favorite United States Senators, Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has decided to run for the United States Senate for a second term, it will be his last - as he has set personal term limits on his time in office, which he followed when he was Congressman. Senator Coburn is a staunch fiscal Conservative, who will question anyone in any party for wasteful spending, he also was not sure if he was going to run for a second term - these are the folks we need for Washington, the ones who aren't sure if they want to serve another term.

Senator Coburn will likely win the 2010 Senator election without much opposition, as the Republicans are expected to carry the Governorship easily as well, with GOP Congressman J.C. Watts a leading contender for the Governorship, even though he has not announced if he will run.

2010 the road for a Conservative Republican revolution across the Nation, for the Senate, House of Representatives, and for Governorships across the Nation - even in New York state, where fiscal Conservative New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani would win the race with ease, if he runs.

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Left Coast Rebel said...

I wholeheartedly support Coburn as well, I will donate even if need be! I would add that if you are a big fan of Coburn, you should support the Senatorial run of Rand Paul, it's not official yet....visit his site here, thanks for coming by LCR, hope to see you again.

Editor said...

I am a big supporter of Coburn because he is a huge Conservative, however I will not support Rand Paul, he is a libertarian - I cannot stand libertarians, plus I would rather Senator Bunning run for Senate again, although he might be forced out by the state GOP.

Also, I am 100% a Conservative, I am socially Conservative, I am fiscally Conservative, I am a National Security Conservative, I am not a libertarian - never will be, they misunderstand the Founders.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Thank you for the 'cordial' reply to someone that believes probably 95% of what you do. I support Rand because he is a capitalist and if you visit his site you will see that he is strong on defense. How do libertarians misunderstand the founders? Please explain.