Monday, June 8, 2009

China to Sterilize Couples With More Than One Child

Art Dozier
June 08, 2009

BEIJING- In what US officials are calling a "startling and frightening prospect," Hu Jintao announced Monday a radical solution to China's growing population problems: sterilization.

Speaking through a translator, Hu Jintao, the Paramount Leader of the People's Republic of China, detailed his reasoning behind his government's plans: "Overpopulation in our great nation has become a problem that the government must take care of. Unfortunately, the size of China has forced us to be inventive with slowing down our birthrates.

"Too many people affect the great People's Republic in several ways. It causes the potential for health crises of massive scales, limits supplies of medicine and food, and most of all, taxes everyone, who pay for every family's first born child's living.

"The government has already tried to limit the birth of a second child by imposing monetary penalties of families on those who have them. This is not enough, however, as our nation continues to expand as years progress. We must take action.

"In our great nation today are over seven-hundred thousand schools because every child must have basic knowledge of language and government. Yet with the growing number of children, the strain grows on each of us. Therefore, families cannot be allowed to have more than one child, they should not even be able to.

"People who break the law must be disciplined, as in any sort of crime. Penalties, as well, are just and appropriate to the crime that is committed. We have simply come to realize that people who do not follow the government's wishes are simply not being disciplined correctly."

The Paramount then stated that he has consulted advisers that tell him that the only way to "adequately chastise" people who have more than one child is to "prevent them from having children again, regardless of whether or not the government is watching."

Paramount Hu Jintao went on to say that plans to put this plan into action by the end of next year, which is when the government of China plans to complete a new census. Chinese officials say will help map out a plan to identify people who is living in their country and who is breaking the law.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reportedly planning on traveling to China to discuss the situation with government officials. At the time, however, the US government has not released a statement on the matter.

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Anonymous said...

If we could only get muslim countries to adopt this

Anonymous said...

...and Catholic ones too.

Anonymous said...

scary... comments here indicate that this is ok as long as it's someone else.

Make no mistake, they (Malthusian green fascists) intend this for YOU and YOUR children too.

Anonymous said...

I think not just China. All countries should adopt some form of this. With the world population getting out of hand, this could help slow down major over growth among several countries.

The only thing is they should make it somewhat reversable in case something arises where the couple has lost their only child be a certain age.

Unknown said...

You people are sick.