Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pelosi is Speaker of idiots.

For any American that has a brain, they know that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a complete idiot, who would not get elected anywhere else in the world but San Francisco to serve in the House of Representatives, she is out of touch with a majority of America's viewpoint, especially when she said that ICE agents performing their duty to kick all illegal aliens out of this Country - where they do not belong, is un-american.

She is un-American! For saying the enforcement of American laws, and kicking out those that do not belong in this country unless they do so legally as our ancestors did, is un-american.

She is an complete idiot, I challenge anyone to tell me otherwise with a reasonable argument.

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Zen said...

you left out that she's completely batshit crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Editor said...

But she's really hot!