Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hamas: Obama's The Man

The leader of Hamas is on record praising American President Barack Obama. Does this bother anyone other than me? Is it appropriate that we go from a President that al Qaeda, Hamas, and Iran detest to one that is groovy in their books? It seems a little odd, to say the least.

But it seems to be part of a bigger trend. Look at North Korea. They're threatening war, and the President seems to be dumbfounded. Iran is building a nuclear weapon and is funneling money hand over fist to terrorists killing our troops and our Israeli allies. What's the President doing about it? Offering direct talks without preconditions? Didn't Jimmy Carter have a similar approach?

Al Qaeda is threatening us... but defeating them in Iraq is too much for us to handle. In fact, I think it seems like the President is too concerned with us killing al Qaeda and the horrible crimes we're committing to actually be concerned with wiping them out. In Pah-ki-stan al Qaeda and the Taliban are running amok. But we need to make sure that we don't support the... democratic government there? Or we should but not enough to wipe out the Taliban? Huh?

Chavez is praising Obama and the Castro brothers don't have big problems with him. Saddam's ghost is attending a White House party and all is well. Maybe we need to focus less on being liked and more on being right.

No wonder the head of Hamas said that an official opening to his Palestinian Islamist movement was only "a matter of time".

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