Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama a Convicted "Hope" Dealer in 1980s

Geoffrey Likeson
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Reports circulating out of Chicago Police Department headquarters paint a different picture of the life of President Barack Obama than previously believed. After moving to Chicago from Hawaii, the President portrayed himself as working odd jobs and attempting to pass the Illinois bar exam.

Instead, on March 23, 1987, "Barry" Obama was picked up by members of the Chicago police force for possession of "hope" with the intention to sell.

"It was a different time in my life." said the President on Tuesday, "I knew that the stuff was addictive, but I just couldn't give it up."

The police confiscated three kilo-optimisms during the search and even turned up one set of rose- colored glasses.

"When I picked him up," said officer Michael Robertson, "I knew that he wasn't just holding this for a friend. He was selling this stuff on a large scale."

Hope dealing became very popular in the late 1980s, as the Soviet Union weakened and the economy boomed. The low unemployment figures just compounded the high amount of hope circulating in the United States.

"Obama knew what he was doing," said Robertson, "He must have gotten this from the It's-going-to-be-better cartels out of Colombia. Not to mention the fact that he must have had his own daydream garden."

Obama had denied any role in the hope game before he was elected President. Since then, devastating leaks have caused him to admit to "dabbling" in sanguiness.

"I admit it." said Obama, "My nose used to bleed with good expectation."

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Anonymous said...

The world would be much better off if Barry had stayed a dope dealer. Barry is now selling lies which push his socialist agenda. He is using the economic down turn to grow the government not the private economy which provides jobs. It is ironic that Barry Obama ,the first American black president, is pushing a agenda the will put all Americans in Economic Chains for a long time to come.

vrajavala said...

I did take a screen shot of your post, because blogger is notoriously pro-Obama. I would appreciate any further links you might have before I publish anything on youtube. His performance on 60 minutes led a lot of people to say that he was high on reefer.